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WPDO is the premier global platform for international dialogue, understanding, and cooperation.
You can support WPDO in many ways:
  • Partner with Us
    Corporate and foundation partners can play a constructive role in finding collective solutions for some of the problems tackled by WPDO either in a specific region or on a specific topic.
  • Support a WPDO Project of Your Choice
    WPDO gives you a unique opportunity to align your business, corporate social responsibility and sustainability priorities with major initiatives that promote dialogue, understanding and cooperation among peoples and cultures.
  • Make a Financial Contribution
    to support ongoing initiatives around the world. It’s an easy process and your support will make a difference.
  • Make an In-kind Contribution
    Support WPDO with your expertise or extend resources to enable WPDO to better fulfill its mandate around the world.
  • Commit to Hosting a WPDO Activity
    Support WPDO’s work by organizing a WPDO seminar or by holding awareness campaigns and fundraising events in your communities.
  • Follow WPDO
    Advocate, engage and raise awareness about WPDO. Follow WPDO on social media and receive updates about WPDO’s activities around the world.
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© World Public Diplomacy Organization