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Mohamed Sahbi BASLY


Mohamed Sahbi BASLY is the Founding member of WPDO. He is the Former Ambassador of Tunisia to China, India and Spain, the Founder President of China-Tunisia Cooperation Council since November 2014.


University career:

1970-1971, BACHELOR (Experimental Sciences); 1980, PHD in Medicine; 1981, Assigned to the Ministry of Public Health; 1983, Made a series of trainings (Post-Graduation) under WHO, mainly about health and environment at work; 1985, Chargé de Mission to the Cabinet of the Ministry of Public Health; 1988, Director of occupational health and work diseases at the Ministry of Public health; 1990, Director General of the Institute of Health and Safety at work at the Ministry of Social Affairs; 1994, Chargé de Mission, Director General of Technical Cooperation at the Ministry of Public Health.


Political career:

He was the Vice-President of Ariana Municipality (1990-1992); Medenine Governor (June 1992-December 1993); Director General of Political Affairs at the Ministry of the Interior (January 1995-September 1996); Sfax Governor (September 1996-July 1998); Ambassador to India, Nepal, Srilanka, Maldives with residence in New Delhi (September 1998 -June 2001); Ambassador in Madrid (September 2001 to November 2004). During this time in Spain, Dr. Basly has Chaired the preparation of Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Meeting within the framework of Barcelona process (Valencia 2002), Participated in the World Summit on Aging (March 2003), Participated in the Meeting on the Reconstruction of lraq (November 2003), Participated in the first Meeting of NATO, dedicated to the south bank of the Mediterranean Sea April 2004 (fight against Terrorism ), Participated in all sessions of  the “Foro Formentor”, dedicated annually to the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process.


From January 2005-October 2010, Dr. Basly served as the Ambassador to China, Vietnam, People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, Kingdom of Cambodia, Laos, with residence in Beijing. During this time, he has co-chaired the Tunisian delegation participating in the first China-Africa summit, Beijing (November 2006). He has chaired the Tunisian delegation participating in the Ministerial Meeting of China-Arab World Forum (Nov 2007). Has chaired the Follow-Up Committee of China-Africa Forum in Cairo (Nov2008). Has chaired the Follow-Up Committee of China-Arab World Forum at the Ministerial Meeting, Tianjin (May 2010).


Dr. Basly has been a Senator in the House of Councilors’ (December 2010-January 2011). Has been Secretary General of the Party “El Mustakbal”, March 2011. Has been Secretary General of the Tunisian National Party fusion of 11 parties (December 2011 - July 2012). He used to be the Chairman of “El Mustakbal” Party since its founding congress on 17th July 2011 until October 2014. The Founder president of China–Tunisia Cooperation Council, since November 2014.



Big Cross of Catholic Isabelle (December 2004).

Work Medal (1991).

Medal of the Republic, 4th Category (1992).



Author of a political essay: “The emergence of regions for development”, Ceres Production (1996).

Author of a book entitled: “Serving the Republic “, Apollonia Edition, October 2O12.

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