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Ma Zhenxuan


Ma Zhenxuan, a pioneer, promoter and practitioner of public diplomacy in China. He is the President of Public Diplomacy and Culture Exchange Center, China. Under his leadership and efforts, Public Diplomacy Center has successfully planned and held hundreds of activities of high international influence in the area of public diplomacy since its foundation in 2009, such as: "the Latin American and Caribbean States Culture & Tourism Festival” in 2016; “World Youth Party” On January 22nd, 2016; a reception ceremony of Ecuador’s President Mr. Rafael Correa in 2015; “Beijing Salsa Art Festival” in 2014; a reception ceremony of Peru’s President Mr. Ollanta Humala Tasso In 2013; “Ancient Gaze”, African Art Exhibition; London Parliament Square G20 Leaders Portrait Exhibition; 2009 African Food and Culture Festival and Charity Dinner of GAAS; “The China Model: A Dialogue Between East and West” activity by Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Committee of the CPPCC Zhao Qizheng and futurologist John Naisbitt; “Olympic Thinking” Painting Giving Ceremony by International Olympic Museum; The 65th Anniversary of the Arab League; The 47th Anniversary of the African Union and Qinghai Yushu Donation Charity Evening Party; China-India Cultural Festival; Asian Children Art Festival; China-Latin America Trade and Investment Seminar; Public Diplomacy Lantern Festival Night Gala; Bolivian Quinoa Seminar, etc. Along with the "African Home", the China-Africa Investment Committee, Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organization­ Arab Information Center and other important institutions have also settled in the center.

In order to more widely spread and popularize public diplomacy knowledge, Ma Zhenxuan has founded Public Diplomacy & Culture Exchange Center official websitewww.cpdcea.comand also established “Public Diplomacy” magazine (bi-monthly). China Qiaoyuan Public Diplomacy and Culture Exchange Co., Ltd is the only company approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce which can take the public diplomacy as its management idea.

With his outstanding performance and contributions in the field of public diplomacy, Ma Zhenxuan has gained a lot of awards such as “China-Kenya Goodwill Ambassador”, “China-ROK cultural ambassador” and “China-Bolivia Friendly Ambassador”, etc. In 2009 he was elected for the Beijing Chaoyang Cultural and Creative Industry Elite candidates; in 2010 he was elected as Ten Outstanding Figures of China pride--the tenth China Era and the Ten News Figures of the seventh Moved China. In May 2014, at the 51th "Africa Day" celebration, the Dean of the AU Diplomatic Corps in China Madagascar Ambassador Mr. Sinkonina Victor issued a honorary certification to Ma Zhenxuan on behalf of AU Diplomatic Corps in China, to thank him for his contribution to "African Day" celebration and his efforts to strength the friendship between China and African countries, meanwhile solemnly promised that Public Diplomacy Center will permanently be the "Africa Home". In June 2015 Ma Zhenxuan was entrusted as a visiting professor at the college of Journalism and communication, Shanghai International Studies University.

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